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Cancel culture is mob mentality without trial and makes social media influencer marketing a risky business.

Today, we’re all famous. 

The democractic nature of the internet has made it possible for anyone to find fame. This budding pool of micro-celebrities are known as social media influencers.

With great fame comes great responsibility and as influencers rise in the ranks, so does their risk of being ‘cancelled’ – to be boycotted online for a ‘crime’ committed.

The 3 Greatest Dangers of Cancel Culture:

  1. It’s volatile – an accusation requires little to no evidence to go viral
  2. Many influencer careers began before it was realised that the internet is forever 
  3. Associated brands can become guilty by association

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A media buying strategy that’s convenient or creepy?

What is personal data being used for? How valuable is it to brands and advertisers?

Have you ever looked for plane tickets to Cape Town, and a day later you’re seeing hotel ads for Cape Town on Facebook? Information on what we like, where we go, what we buy and how we live is scattered eternally across the internet, rich in advertising possibility.

Adverts power a business model which is free for its users but still makes money for its creators. 

The real-estate of an advert is key to any media buying strategy, but when someone sees an ad for the perfume they were just thinking about, will the relevance outweigh the creepy realisation that their personal information was just used? 

Perhaps as society adapts to an increasingly digital world, with media buying focusing on what personal data reveals, the normalisation of artificial intelligence will make non-targeted ads the ones that stand out as strange.

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Media Marketing that’s not digitally draining.

Addictive technology may be harmful to humanity, so how can brands adapt?

How long do people sit on their phones each day? We are victims of a premeditated attack on our concentration. Technology is designed to be addictive, from the bright colours to the satisfying beeps and swipes. Recent health trends mean that more people are conscious of their addiction and digital-detox is growing rapidly in popularity.

Brands need to reinvent how they market, so that people can live more offline than online whilst still consuming digital media. Paving the way forward is media marketing that’s engineered to be immersive and relevant.

As a media marketing agency, Embassy can help you establish meaningful and effective advertising for the benefit of consumers.



If Instagram removes its Likes, how will digital marketing strategy be affected?

You’ve heard rumours, but is it true? Is this the death of influencer media marketing on Instagram?

Soon, Instagram will no longer be a competition for validation.

Over the last year, or so, Instagram has been experimenting with hiding the number of Likes a post receives. Instead of others being able to count how important a person is, in countries such as Australia and Italy, posts are only Liked by one friend ‘and others’.

The move is part of an attempt to curb the allegedly toxic rating culture which Instagram has cultivated. Some worry that Instagram’s photo-shopped reality may have long term effects on our brains. This will affect digital marketing strategy – perhaps without the Like count showing, users won’t be motivated to double tap and vice versa.

Digital marketing strategy will need to adapt. Contact Embassy to power through the changing times.



In the digital age, it’s imperative to have a website for your brand or business. In fact, if your customers can’t find you online, do you even exist? While the thought of creating a website might seem daunting, there are many benefits and advantages to having one. Let’s have a look at the three top reasons.

First, it’s a cost-effective form of advertising. It’s the first place that customers will go to when searching for you online; thus, you’ll be in control of what they see and experience. For example, you’ll be able to update banners to showcase new promotions or set up your own online store to sell your products. It’s your own space, to do with it what you choose, without having to pay the brick-and-mortar rates.

Two, it’s an all-in-one place for information. From basic contact details to pricing or the latest news, a website is a portal for info. For example, how often have you used a company’s website to find out exactly where its premises are or the telephone number? It’s small details like these that are sometimes overlooked but are important nonetheless.

When it comes to businesses, though, the most important thing is sales or leads. The good news is, websites are one of the top lead generation tools around. If your content is well presented and the SEO is implemented correctly, the business could be coming to you – all because of your website.

Ultimately, a professional website adds credibility to your brand and business. Much like people google potential love interests, other businesses do the same with likely suppliers or partners. If you want to ensure that you’re staying ahead of the curve and your industry, a website isn’t optional – it’s simply essential.

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It’s impossible to go online today without experiencing a meme. From Game of Thrones to sporting events and politics, people are utilising this form of communication to showcase their sense of humour (and ideas) to each other. It isn’t a new concept, though, as Richard Dawkins first coined it over four decades ago, even though it’s found its peak in the digital age.

According to Limor Shifman, Professor of Communication and Journalism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the meme (pronounced as “meem”) is a form of individualism but it’s also vital to our sense and need for community. It’s deeply ingrained in the way we communicate with our friends and family, becoming a pivotal part of the social landscape. The fact that even your phone encourages you to create a meme folder is evident of how prevalent it’s become in our culture and it isn’t going away.

On the other side of the coin, the viral nature of memes has catapulted the everyday person to superstardom and the public consciousness. “Saltbae”, aka Nusret Gökçe, has become an in-demand chef ever since his preparation techniques become internet fodder, while Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bregoli, built her whole career around the “catch me outside” meme that made her an instant sensation.

Grumpy Cat (R.I.P. Tardar Sauce) is the perfect example of how a meme can lead to a profitable franchise. The cat whose appearance was a result of an underbite and dwarfism rose to unparalleled success after a picture of her being posted on Reddit. From comic books to a movie, it’s reported that this meme-able cat made over $100 million for her family.

The meme shows us that no matter how basic it is, a simple message can carry a huge impact. Add in a sprinkle of humour, a popular culture reference, and anything is possible. Perhaps, the question that brands need to ask themselves is, what did I meme to say?

Are memes part of your content plan? Maybe they should be. Contact us about how it can be incorporated into your brand’s plan going forward.



What’s the 411 on the current gen of web?

The introduction of chatbots are not a new idea but it has become increasingly popular over the years. This is mostly owed to the significant advancements made in AI (artificial intelligence) technology and bot learning. Regularly improved voice recognition software and advances in computing ability are responsible for chatbots appearing more intelligent, improving user-friendliness and optimising functionality. These vocal companions are now seen as opportunities to personify services and brands as users are beginning to experience technology with its own personality, humour and relationship building capabilities. (See Google Alexa)

Less is more

In 2019, think minimalism.It’s all about the bold key points and and removing the extras. The simpler your website is, the less your target clients will have to search for what they want. A contemporary website should be balanced and evenly spaced, allowing the aesthetics of your corporate identity to shine.

Ain’t nobody got time to read

In the era of instant gratification, the average business has between 3 to 5 seconds to make an impact and grab an audience’s attention. With the ever increasing availability to Fibre high speed internet, access to high quality video content is getting easier than ever. Whether the content is emotionally charged or funny and shareable, video is a fantastic addition to any brand’s campaigns.” 


1. Simplicity
Simplicity and recognition go hand-in-hand. There’s often a misconception that more is better when in reality, the less complicated the better. A logo should encapsulate a brand’s core identity and keep things sleek and simple.

The simplest logos are more often than not the ones that are remembered the most. Think Puma, Pepsi, Adidas, LG, Apple, or even new successful local companies like Pineapple insurance.

2. Sizing up
A great logo should be versatile enough to be able to be appropriately scaled (enlarged or shrunken) and still look good. An overly busy logo might look impressive on a Billboard will look like a hot mess when it’s scaled down (trust us, we know).

3. Attention-grabbing
A successful logo needs to have presence. Your logo is ultimately a seal of your brand’s promise. Ideally, when designing a logo, whether strong and bold or sleek and sophisticated, it’s important to have the personality of your brand in mind.

4. Synergy
Finally, a great logo should be relevant to your business. It should incorporate important elements that have meaning and that is relative to your brand’s offerings and identity.

Equipment – The equipment any photographer needs depends entirely on the shoot. What type of setting and subject matter will determine which lenses you’ll use. E.g. 24-105mm is recommended for close up portraiture and beauty or full length fashion shots. Perhaps a Telephoto lens would be more suited to wildlife/outdoor shots that the photographer might find difficult to get near the subject.

Lighting- Light has the power to convey mood, emotion and context. Tones that are appropriate for your scene will need to be planned before implementing the lighting that would be needed in each shoot. The correct colour and vibrancy can take a shot from good to incredible and experience is key so experiment and research before taking on trying to deliver on high profile clients. Studio lights may be expensive but they allow you to be versatile in the time.

Still and steady – Stability in photography and video is necessary for clean and consistent shots. A photographer’s most basic asset for stability is a Tripod, keeping your camera balanced and stationery. Make sure to buy a tripod with a solid build quality or risk your expensive camera toppling over in the wind!

Editing Software – With 4k imagery being standard, imperfections stand out like a sore thumb and it’s nearly impossible to get the perfect picture without editing. Tweak colours, touch up blemishes and uneven tones to let your subject matter shine in everything you shoot.


Insta-Print: – The world of print will always hold a powerful effect of space creation and tangibility. Printing in 2019 presents opportunities to efficiently acquire only what needs to be printed- on demand. Above this, the modern design of print trends has shifted from information cramming to sleek minimalism, capturing the attention of a new age of consumers that value simplicity and bite-size messaging. That doesn’t mean things need to be boring. Print specialists host creatively tangible ways for clients to interact with your brand using sliders, clever folding techniques and visual illusions to keep things interesting and memorable.

Scan here: These words are generally followed by a black white square that resembles a kiddie maze that one might find at the back of a cereal box. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that these are QR codes. If you have… well, now you know! QR codes are essentially links to websites, videos, images, payment portals etc. The benefit of instantly scanning a code instead of copy pasting a URL or copying it down manually (ugh) allows users to access information instantly and receive your message(s) \as quickly and effortlessly as possible.”