Local Website Trends in 2019

What’s the 411 on the current gen of web?

The introduction of chatbots are not a new idea but it has become increasingly popular over the years. This is mostly owed to the significant advancements made in AI (artificial intelligence) technology and bot learning. Regularly improved voice recognition software and advances in computing ability are responsible for chatbots appearing more intelligent, improving user-friendliness and optimising functionality. These vocal companions are now seen as opportunities to personify services and brands as users are beginning to experience technology with its own personality, humour and relationship building capabilities. (See Google Alexa)

Less is more

In 2019, think minimalism.It’s all about the bold key points and and removing the extras. The simpler your website is, the less your target clients will have to search for what they want. A contemporary website should be balanced and evenly spaced, allowing the aesthetics of your corporate identity to shine.

Ain’t nobody got time to read

In the era of instant gratification, the average business has between 3 to 5 seconds to make an impact and grab an audience’s attention. With the ever increasing availability to Fibre high speed internet, access to high quality video content is getting easier than ever. Whether the content is emotionally charged or funny and shareable, video is a fantastic addition to any brand’s campaigns.”