Tangible branding in new ways

Insta-Print: – The world of print will always hold a powerful effect of space creation and tangibility. Printing in 2019 presents opportunities to efficiently acquire only what needs to be printed- on demand. Above this, the modern design of print trends has shifted from information cramming to sleek minimalism, capturing the attention of a new age of consumers that value simplicity and bite-size messaging. That doesn’t mean things need to be boring. Print specialists host creatively tangible ways for clients to interact with your brand using sliders, clever folding techniques and visual illusions to keep things interesting and memorable.

Scan here: These words are generally followed by a black white square that resembles a kiddie maze that one might find at the back of a cereal box. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that these are QR codes. If you have… well, now you know! QR codes are essentially links to websites, videos, images, payment portals etc. The benefit of instantly scanning a code instead of copy pasting a URL or copying it down manually (ugh) allows users to access information instantly and receive your message(s) \as quickly and effortlessly as possible.”