Targeted Adverts and Personal Data

A media buying strategy that’s convenient or creepy?

What is personal data being used for? How valuable is it to brands and advertisers?

Have you ever looked for plane tickets to Cape Town, and a day later you’re seeing hotel ads for Cape Town on Facebook? Information on what we like, where we go, what we buy and how we live is scattered eternally across the internet, rich in advertising possibility.

Adverts power a business model which is free for its users but still makes money for its creators. 

The real-estate of an advert is key to any media buying strategy, but when someone sees an ad for the perfume they were just thinking about, will the relevance outweigh the creepy realisation that their personal information was just used? 

Perhaps as society adapts to an increasingly digital world, with media buying focusing on what personal data reveals, the normalisation of artificial intelligence will make non-targeted ads the ones that stand out as strange.

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