4 Rules for the Ideal Logo Design

1. Simplicity
Simplicity and recognition go hand-in-hand. There’s often a misconception that more is better when in reality, the less complicated the better. A logo should encapsulate a brand’s core identity and keep things sleek and simple.

The simplest logos are more often than not the ones that are remembered the most. Think Puma, Pepsi, Adidas, LG, Apple, or even new successful local companies like Pineapple insurance.

2. Sizing up
A great logo should be versatile enough to be able to be appropriately scaled (enlarged or shrunken) and still look good. An overly busy logo might look impressive on a Billboard will look like a hot mess when it’s scaled down (trust us, we know).

3. Attention-grabbing
A successful logo needs to have presence. Your logo is ultimately a seal of your brand’s promise. Ideally, when designing a logo, whether strong and bold or sleek and sophisticated, it’s important to have the personality of your brand in mind.

4. Synergy
Finally, a great logo should be relevant to your business. It should incorporate important elements that have meaning and that is relative to your brand’s offerings and identity.