The Photographer checklist

Equipment – The equipment any photographer needs depends entirely on the shoot. What type of setting and subject matter will determine which lenses you’ll use. E.g. 24-105mm is recommended for close up portraiture and beauty or full length fashion shots. Perhaps a Telephoto lens would be more suited to wildlife/outdoor shots that the photographer might find difficult to get near the subject.

Lighting- Light has the power to convey mood, emotion and context. Tones that are appropriate for your scene will need to be planned before implementing the lighting that would be needed in each shoot. The correct colour and vibrancy can take a shot from good to incredible and experience is key so experiment and research before taking on trying to deliver on high profile clients. Studio lights may be expensive but they allow you to be versatile in the time.

Still and steady – Stability in photography and video is necessary for clean and consistent shots. A photographer’s most basic asset for stability is a Tripod, keeping your camera balanced and stationery. Make sure to buy a tripod with a solid build quality or risk your expensive camera toppling over in the wind!

Editing Software – With 4k imagery being standard, imperfections stand out like a sore thumb and it’s nearly impossible to get the perfect picture without editing. Tweak colours, touch up blemishes and uneven tones to let your subject matter shine in everything you shoot.