The Selfie Reckoning

If Instagram removes its Likes, how will digital marketing strategy be affected?

You’ve heard rumours, but is it true? Is this the death of influencer media marketing on Instagram?

Soon, Instagram will no longer be a competition for validation.

Over the last year, or so, Instagram has been experimenting with hiding the number of Likes a post receives. Instead of others being able to count how important a person is, in countries such as Australia and Italy, posts are only Liked by one friend ‘and others’.

The move is part of an attempt to curb the allegedly toxic rating culture which Instagram has cultivated. Some worry that Instagram’s photo-shopped reality may have long term effects on our brains. This will affect digital marketing strategy – perhaps without the Like count showing, users won’t be motivated to double tap and vice versa.

Digital marketing strategy will need to adapt. Contact Embassy to power through the changing times.